Why Me? And why 'Anxiety' and 'Mindfulness'?

 I'd spent almost 30 years in relationship-based finance and sales careers, where truly understanding those I was dealing with was imperative. Knowing how they were thinking and feeling, and appreciating how they might be feeling about themselves (as much as the situation we were linked through) proved to be a strength...and one I'd felt called to further explore in an attempt to understand my OWN feelings (AND my relationship with my own self) 
after a series of emotional events one early fall morning in 2015.

As it turned out (and unbeknownst to me) my previous almost 12 years of witnessing trauma during volunteer FIRE/EMS work had been eating away at me. Coupled with the ever-present stress of everyday societal and corporate expectations, family life, and self-doubt and general anxiety, it was suddenly too much...and it all came crashing down around me (and almost cost me my life). 

And yet, regardless of this newfound dual-diagnosis of ADHD/PTSD, I had no idea as to how best to not only SURVIVE, but THRIVE while seeking help in a system that has been witnessing growing numbers of people with a lot of the same challenges and pain...and yet have been unable to gain ground in helping. 

Thus began my journey of self-exploration, research, and never-ending learning 
and expansion of my mind

Over these past 4 years, I've studied and have certified as a Master Practitioner in Mindfulness, an Advanced Understanding Ho'oponopono Practioner, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) Life Coaching, as well as being a Certified NLP Practitioner, Certifications (not to mention first-hand experience) in PTSD, and a Certified Cognitive Bahaviour Therapy (CBT) Practitioner

Thankful for my opportunity in realizing my calling, I've been fortunate in being able to study, and I regularly practice Gratitude, Meditation, Affirmations, Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Energy...all of which have played an integral part in my own healing, happiness
and my life's meaning of abundance.

And now, through my understanding and deep, empathic connection with people (and my appreciation for asking the hard questions), I seek to use reprogramming of your mind's anxiety as your release of your overwhelming anxiety

Having all you desire and, more importantly, being able to work through 
what's been holding you back is my mission. 

Let's get started in your healing.
Anxiety and depression holding you hostage?
Struggling with your 'every day'?
Have you been faking self-confidence? Putting on a mask every single day just to be around other people? Maybe you've not been making it out the door at all. 

What if very little of what's been making you so anxious was true, and merely falsified, engrained, self-limiting belief from today's society, and generations before? And what if, through that knowledge, you could change it?

Struggling With Business or Career?
Do you have a small business or entrepreneurial project you just can't seem to crack the code on? Or is your career not progressing the way you'd thought - even though you feel you're trying to give it all you've got?

What if everything you needed in order to finally succeed was already inside your own mind? As a 'serial entrepreneur' of sorts, I get you. 
Battling Memories of Trauma?
Trauma can be overwhelming, debilitating, and ultimately life-ending...and yet it doesn't have to be so. As a survivor of PTSD as a First Responder, I knows only too well how debilitating it can be, and likewise how 'individual' it can be for each and every one of us who becomes entangled in it's destructive array of thoughts and memories.
Guidance Via Posts
Whether it's through video (at times 'Live'), written posts, or shares with thoughts on sometime of value I find for you, you will have access to my thoughts and experiences in showing you how you may be able to find your own best path out of whatever you're struggling with. Whatever it is, you can bet I'll always be real about it, and I'll be posing thoughts and questions to make you seek your answers. Real awareness. 
Real opportunities to heal.
Between posts, or have a burning question you'd rather not pose as a comment in a post? Not to worry! You'll not need to consider sending off a message in a bottle while you're in the midst of your thought. You'll have ongoing, unlimited access to me via Facebook Messenger (or email, should you prefer). Remember, this Group is for You, a valued Member. Reach out anytime.
The 'In' Crowd
As part of my 'Abundant Mind Group For Members', it's my hope that you'll feel the strong sense of welcoming community we strive for in providing this safe space. I'd encourage you to post, comment, ask questions, and communicate with others if you so choose. Remember, whether it's my regular thoughts in posts, or connecting with others, we're all here to support.

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I typically offer 12 New Opportunities For My Life-changing
1:1 Program Each Quarter, As Well As offering Local And Online 'Small Group Support'.

To find out more, you can email me here, or we can discuss it more once you're inside 'The Abundant Mind For Members' Group.  
I'm Always Grateful For Anyone Who Shares My Opportunity To Participate In A Mindful Awareness & Healing; 
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